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As our 35th anniversary approached, we took some time to look back on our roots as well as the road ahead. William A. Kibbe & Associates was founded in 1981 as a consulting structural engineering firm by Bill and Elaine Kibbe. The firm originated as a four-person team and has always been based in Saginaw, Michigan.

Our office has been in its current location since 1997, and in 1999 an additional office was opened in Defiance, Ohio, to support local business for nearly a decade but has since closed. Satellite offices are currently maintained in both Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan, to better serve a range of needs across the state and beyond.

A lot has changed in the realms of architecture, engineering, surveying, and design in the last 35 years. Developmental leaps in technology, software, equipment, and research have revolutionized the ways in which we do business. Photos below will provide a glimpse into the good old days (computers have come a long way). What hasn’t changed in 35 years is our mission to provide exceptional service to our clientele – an ideology instilled in the company since its inception.

“Dedication to quality and excellence is more than good business, it is a way of life, giving something back to society and offering your best to others.”
– W.A. Kibbe

Each project we take on is a new opportunity to better ourselves and strengthen relationships with the community, and between our clients and colleagues. Our clients are vitally important to us, and we strive to deliver and exceed expectations. Delivering the best means working diligently and staying ahead of the curve; factors that have always been guiding principles for our firm. William A. Kibbe & Associates’ ongoing ISO 9001 registration and our innovative use of BIM design software are just a few examples of our commitment to excellence.

When asked what lays ahead for William A. Kibbe & Associates, the firm’s President, Daniel Miller, explains, “We want to position our company as a leader in the design community. This goal requires that the company and its employees embrace the latest technology and integrate that into our design process. We have the best employees in the area, and with their commitment to quality service and continuous improvement, we look forward to a bright future.”

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