People have used the mastery of architecture and structural engineering to harness nature for centuries. Electrical engineering is a much more contemporary field – but in today’s world, no less important. From entire utility systems to small commercial and residential design, we haven’t yet found an electrical engineering challenge we couldn’t meet.
Our greatest strength is in our expertise in large commercial and industrial work. This is because of the experience of our staff, as well as the integral nature of electrical components to other systems – and our ability to deliver high-quality cross-disciplinary service. We bring that ability to:

  • Power Distribution, Lighting Design and Analysis
  • Generation, Co-Generation and Emergency Backup Power Systems
  • Voice and Data Communication Systems
  • Smoke, Fire and Security Monitoring Systems
  • Process Instrumentation, Machine Control and Software Systems
  • Building Environmental Controls, Energy Efficiency Studies and Audits
  • Electrical Load and Operational Studies
  • Lightning Suppression and Protection
  • Arc Flash Studies