The City of Saginaw recently called upon William A. Kibbe & Associates (WAK) to investigate the cause of brick falling from a building located at 220 E. Genesee Avenue in downtown Saginaw, MI. The sidewalk and two lanes of Genesee Avenue were closed as a safety precaution, and the City enlisted one of their Fire Department ladder trucks to aid with the investigation. WAK’s Daniel J. Miller, P.E., along with a member of the Saginaw Fire Department, conducted a visual assessment of the building facade and parapet from the raised ladder truck basket.

WAK Brick Inspection 2

WAK Brick Inspection 4

WAK Brick Inspection 3

Days after the inspection, the WAK structural engineering team recommended closure of Franklin Street (on the east side of the building). The WAK team also provided recommendations for partial removal of sections of brick and parapet on both the north and east elevations of the building. The City of Saginaw and Saginaw County Officials are currently determining whether to implement WAK’s recommendations or raze the building.



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