Cannabis Industry

As policies surrounding cannabis continue to evolve, so do industry needs for this burgeoning trade. Michigan’s recent law changes permitting the use of medical and recreational cannabis, have introduced a host of regulatory challenges to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on these new opportunities.

William A. Kibbe & Associates has designed and administered the construction of numerous cannabis-related facilities throughout Michigan, and we have navigated through the requirements of the Bureau of Fire Services and the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to make these projects successful. This experience, coupled with our multi-disciplinary design team, uniquely positions our firm to be a leader in the cannabis market sector and makes us an ideal resource for:

  • Pre-Planning + Cannabis-Specific Design
  • Site Development + Master Planning
  • Cultivation + Processing Facilities
  • Greenhouses + Indoor Grow Rooms/Chambers
  • Headhouses (Trimming/Drying Rooms, Curing, Equipment Cleaning)
  • Manufacturing + Warehouse Facilities (Marijuana Infused Product Areas (MIP), Product Storage)
  • Office + Support Space, Changing Rooms
  • Vaults + Biosecurity
  • Provisioning Centers
  • General Consulting
  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys





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