DSCN1536William A. Kibbe & Associates prepared bid documents for the demolition of the former Webber Elementary and Middle School buildings located in Saginaw, Michigan. This was a joint effort with AKT Peerless Environmental & Energy Services, which supplemented our documents with pre-demolition hazardous material surveys for each school. Demolition contracts were awarded to Braddock Demolition for the elementary school, and Bierlein Companies for the middle school.

AKT Peerless is providing oversight and air monitoring during the abatement phase, prior to actual demolition. The elementary school was recently fully abated and work continues on the middle school. William A. Kibbe & Associates is currently providing construction observation services for the demolition of both buildings.

Webber Middle School measured approximately 139,000 square feet. The original school building was built in 1922 and a number of additions were added between 1930 and 1989. The elementary school was built in 1966, added on to in 1982, and at one time had a student enrollment of over 250. The buildings were closed in 2009 as part of a consolidation strategy set forth by the Saginaw Public School District.

The demolition of any building involves a number of important steps to ensure that public safety precautions and environmental concerns are met. The demolition process takes time and the building structures are not the only elements that must be considered. Outlying walkways, parking lots, entry drives, and fencing must also be maintained and secured, or erected. The building structure demolition and removal of debris will be followed with suitable backfill materials and soils, filled in to present grade, before seeding to reestablish with adjoining lawn areas. The completed work will return the site to a potential asset, suitable for future repurposing or redevelopment.

Demolition work is currently underway on both Webber school facilities and is expected to be completed within the month of July.