Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital | Hastings, MI

William A. Kibbe & Associates provided professional engineering design services to replace and upgrade the steam generation system at Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital in Hastings, Michigan. This system is used for building heating, domestic hot water generation, as well as sterilization within the hospital facility.

We designed a new hybrid boiler plant consisting of steam and hot water boilers to increase the overall capacity to accommodate a new surgery expansion. A deaerator was provided to help mitigate steam hammer issues by removing entrained air in the condensate which feeds the boilers. A new hot water boiler plant and piping was installed to supply hot water to the existing heat exchanger locations and tie into the separate distribution networks.

The upgraded boiler plants also received new breakers, an emergency power feed, new lighting, fire alarm, and general use power. Minor architectural and structural engineering was also included for the new exterior doors, fire barriers, wall and roof penetrations, and general renovations associates with the boiler rooms.