COVID-19 has brought a new perspective to most aspects of our lives. One of which is the safety and exposure of employees in the workplace. As local restrictions begin to lift and more people are returning to the office, it may be a good time to evaluate current setups and new scenarios within the workplace.

Developing and implementing workplace controls and protections may be a new concept for non-health care settings, but it has quickly become a part of this “new normal” that we are still adjusting to. Changes to the way facilities operate are now driven by the drastic alteration in our day-to-day interactions, and building managers must reassess how people interact with the built environment.

Simple upgrades to air ventilation and filtration through HVAC systems can help protect employees and should be a part of any re-opening strategy post-COVID. Architectural modifications to existing buildings can reconfigure workspaces to be more accommodating to the social distancing concerns presented by COVID-19 and other viruses. Mitigation strategies and best practices can reduce the risk of exposure and transmission. New facilities being designed have the opportunity to incorporate enhanced features and amenities that promote additional health and safety protocols for occupants.

We can coordinate effective solutions for your building features and operational practices. Whether retrofitting an existing space or designing something new, contact us to learn more about strategies that can help upgrade your facility.

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