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Draft rendering of one of two new Gestamp automotive stamping facilities under construction in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Image © William A. Kibbe and Associates, Inc.


William A. Kibbe & Associates (WAK) engineers and architects are near design completion of a $55 million dollar expansion for Gestamp North America in Chattanooga, Tennessee. WAK is partnering with Lansing, Michigan, construction management company, Wieland, which will be constructing two new automotive stamping facilities for Gestamp.

This extensive project includes building development on two separate sites, both of which are located in Chattanooga, TN. The existing facility currently in operation will be adding on approximately 260,000 square feet consisting of high bay and low bay with hot stamping operations, assembly facilities, and support areas. Roughly 3 miles away, a brand new 250,000 square foot class A stamping facility will be built from the ground up consisting of a 2,500 ton press line, assembly line, support areas, and offices.

WAK is utilizing Building Information Modeling and Revit software to coordinate multiple consultants, disciplines, construction and design phases. WAK began design of the project in August 2015 and construction is currently underway with an aggressive estimated completion date of June 2016.

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Draft rendering of one of two new Gestamp automotive stamping facilities under construction in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Image © William A. Kibbe and Associates, Inc.


About Gestamp
Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components that specializes in developing innovatively designed products to achieve safer and lighter vehicles to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Gestamp was founded in 1997 with the goal of being a global supplier focusing on technology, and has since grown steadily, progressively adding new products and technologies. This has made them leaders in the design and manufacture of automotive components, and one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry worldwide.

Gestamp has a global presence. With its origin in Western Europe, the group has focused its expansion into North America, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Gestamp is present in 20 countries, has nearly 100 industrial plants, 12 R&D centers, and a workforce of over 32,000 employees worldwide. For more information visit www.gestamp.com.

About Wieland
Wieland is a vibrant, dynamic and growing construction company with multiple offices located throughout the United States. With a clear mission, vision and core values, Wieland is poised to enter its sixth decade with the same optimism and entrepreneurial spirit on which it was founded in 1958.

The Wieland Mission:“Wieland is dedicated to finding and serving lifelong clients through excellence in construction. We develop loyal customers through relentless customer service and empower our employers to transform our clients into our champions.” For more information visit www.wielandbuilds.com.

About William A. Kibbe & Associates
William A. Kibbe & Associates (WAK) is a professional design firm headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region, with two satellite offices located in Lansing, MI, and Grand Rapids, MI. Founded in 1981, the firm is a trusted provider of architectural, engineering, surveying, energy conservation and extensive design services. WAK’s team of licensed professionals also specializes in investigative engineering services to support industry professionals in the fields of finance, law, government, and construction. Built on decades of experience and skilled specialists, WAK’s commitment to excellence is recognized in everything from small renovations to multi-million dollar facility production.

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Video flyovers from Gestamp construction sites

Videos courtesy of Wieland. Stay tuned for more videos and project updates…