William A. Kibbe & Associates (WAK) began as a small structural engineering firm founded in 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan. Initially the firm specialized in servicing the heavy industrial GM automotive manufacturing plants in the Saginaw Valley.

As WAK became more widely recognized for their responsiveness and the quality of their work, the demand for their engineering services continued to grow steadily. Clients began to look to the firm for a more diversified engineering program and solutions to their growing needs. WAK’s services expanded to include engineering capabilities in civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, industrial, and architectural; and enabled the firm to provide a complete multi-disciplined product to a diverse client base.

The WAK team never met a client challenge that couldn’t be solved through diligent application from skilled, qualified, and passionate engineers, architects, and staff. Their innovative use of BIM design software has made them a recognized leader for clients seeking complex design projects. Built on decades of experience and skilled experts, WAK’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth remains strong and steady, and is recognized in everything from small renovations to multi-million dollar facility production.

Today, WAK operates primarily out of its main office headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan in a spacious, modern building surrounded by parks. The firm maintains satellite offices in Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City, MI, to better serve a range of needs across the state and beyond. WAK is wholly owned by its employees and is managed by an employee-based Board of Directors.

William A. Kibbe & Associates Saginaw Office

William A. Kibbe & Associates Saginaw Office