How forces of nature become forces of change

Some might call that a very emotional description of engineering and architecture. It should be. It illustrates the passion we have for what we do … for coming up with creative, efficient and technically sound solutions to meet our customers’ needs, and exceed their expectations.

That’s important, because we’re an employee-owned company. Every member of our staff has both a professional and a personal interest in the success of your project. That’s one of the ways our passion makes us unique.

Another is how it’s led us to grow and evolve over the years to better meet your diverse needs. It’s an interesting history; It’s also a great case study of the surest way for a business to grow, earn the respect of its peers and the loyalty of its clients – endow its employees with intense pride and professional fulfillment. And that’s a corporate culture built around a fierce – and passionate – commitment to quality and creativity.

It’s a point of pride for us that we remain on the cutting edge of the profession … that we can solve problems through traditional means, yet not be afraid to break new ground, if new ground is the best solution for you.